Bicycle rentals

Dining Room

A good vacation is measured by what you ate during your stay, and on that front, “Emily’s” hotel, being as family oriented one, provides the guests a rich and tasty mixture of flavors, with a rich variety of salads, meats and hot and cold side-dishes.
Our chef cooks a culinarian crossroads between east and west, and the result is finger licking good.

Coffee bar

 Whether you came from far away or from across the street, our hotel’s bar-cafe is open to you. you want a refreshing coffee to start your day or perhaps a quiet drink to close it? just come down to the lobby, our bar is waiting for you.  


Our hotel’s kitchen is strictly Kosher under the supervision of the chief rabbinate of Tiberias. furthermore, an individual response is provided to tourists groups that visit our hotels. your stomach will know from the first bite it came to the right hotel.