About Us Emily's Aviv Hotels

Our family managed a variety of hotels in the city until we began construction of our own hotels, back in the 80’s. “Aviv” was the first hotel, offering holiday apartments in a standard never before seen in the northern parts of Israel up until this point in time.

Not long after the grand opening of Aviv hotel, “Emily’s” hotel joined his big brother. “Emily’s”, who opened up in 2012, was ever since then a welcoming home to whomever was interested in a boutique and family vacation on the shores of Israel’s national lake, and alongside Aviv hotel, which is located mere fingertips away, will give to you the perfect vacation for your needs. just seconds away from the beach, and a short car ride away from everything the Northern parts of Israel. our hotels are the perfect spot to begin your journey…

Our hotels are a fantastic starting point to travel wherever you want to go across Israel, that is thanks to their prime location and accessibility and cooperation with professional tour guides, who will provide to you the best Israeli experience you can get.

So why us? 
The main answer to that question is, honestly, because we try our best. among the many hotels Israel has to offer in general and the many that Tiberias is home to specifically, there is no experience that even remotely comes close to the one we’re providing our guests. whether it’s the hospitality, the views or the food in the dining room, you can’t find a more high standard hotel in the area.
Hotels that makes you feel like you came home from the second you came inside, your home away from home right at the shores of the sea of Galilee - Hotel “Aviv” and Hotel “Emily’s”.
A Family vacation with a Boutique atmosphere on the shores of the Kinerret - “Emily’s” Hotel.
An old school Vacation on the shores of the Kinneret - “Aviv” hotel.