1.1. This privacy policy is exclusively associated with the "Aviv" hotel chain and it will specify the general lines of how we collect and use information about you as part of your use of our website, including when placing orders, purchasing products or services on the business website and the business's customer service ("the Services").
1.2. Your privacy is important to us and therefore we will act in this privacy policy in accordance with the provisions of the law, including the law for the protection of privacy (1981-1981).
1.3. The Privacy Policy applies to information that identifies or can be identified by reasonable means. As a general rule, there is no legal obligation for the user to provide the information detailed below, although failure to provide it may prevent us from providing him with certain services ("the information").
1.4. The information will be stored in the business's database for the period necessary for it to fulfill the purposes permitted by law and according to this privacy policy ("database" and "purposes", respectively).
1.5. This privacy policy is an integral part of the site's terms of use ("terms of use"). The use of the website, including the various contents and services operated on it, indicates the user's agreement to this privacy policy, and therefore the user must read the terms of use carefully.
1.6. Please note that the business reserves the right to change this privacy policy from time to time, at its sole discretion, in accordance with the new services, content, products and options that will be added to the site. Therefore and accordingly, we recommend that you go back and review the privacy policy every time you visit the site.
1.7. This privacy policy is worded in the masculine language for convenience only, but is intended for both men and women. Likewise, wording in the singular includes the plural, and vice versa, unless the context or logic indicates otherwise.
2. Memory Collection:
2.1. Identifying information provided to us or collected by us will be stored in the business database ("Personal Information"). The business will keep the personal information for the period of time necessary to achieve the goals detailed in the privacy policy or according to the relevant legal provisions.
2.2. Information to be provided by you:
2.2.1. When the user registers for the site and the uses granted to it, for example in the case of entering contact information when placing an order on the site, he will be required to provide us with personal information (first name, last name, phone number, email address and means of payment) which will be stored in the database ("Customer Service ").
2.2.2. The personal information you provide as part of your registration to the website will be used for the following purposes: for personally tailored mailing and marketing needs, and customer retention, as well as for research needs, customer satisfaction and market research in order to help us improve the services. In addition to this, detection and prevention of theft, fraud, or any other activity carried out illegally.
We will maintain the privacy of your data in accordance with the law, and we will be entitled to disclose your details to our suppliers for the purpose of providing services, collecting funds, preparing accounts and enforcing our rights according to an agreement.
2.2.3. In addition to this, we may use various technologies that allow you to monitor your activity on the site for information security purposes, to optimize our services, and this in order to adapt to your personal preferences and so that we can market the services offered by us.

2.2.4. We may disclose your personal information to any of our employees, managers, professional consultants, suppliers, agents, or subcontractors to a reasonable extent and as required for the purposes specified in the above privacy policy.
2.3. Usage of “Cookies”:
2.3.1. Cookies ("Cookies") are information files embedded in the browser or device you use when browsing the website and their function is to monitor information about your conduct on the website. Using cookies allows you to be identified when you re-enter the site. Using "cookies" your activity will be monitored and automatically collected information such as IP address, duration of your visit to the site, operating system/browser versions, your location and more ("collection of information").
2.3.2. You can stop the collection of information using "cookies" by changing the settings in the web browser you use and deleting your usage history, or by changing the operating system settings of the end device you have at any time. It is possible to limit the use of the device ID for advertising purposes on smart phones. As the activity of the "cookies" is blocked, it is possible that some of the site's services will become unavailable, or you will be required to re-enter details each time you visit the site. Changing these settings is the responsibility of the user.
2.3.3. To the extent that details are provided to us about other users (including family members) or on their behalf, you must obtain their consent to this, to this privacy policy and to the terms of use or regulations of the relevant service.
3. The use of the collected information:
We will use the information collected on the site for the purpose of providing the services, operational needs, establishing contact, customer service, streamlining and control, research needs, advertising and marketing on our behalf, information security, and handling information review and correction requests.
4. Retention of information: The business may retain the personal information in accordance with the applicable law in order to settle disputes, act to solve problems, assist in any investigation, and comply with the legal provisions requiring the retention of information about transactions/payments, enforce the terms of services and take other actions according to law.
5. Transfer of information to a third party: The business may transfer the information provided to it to third parties, whether in Israel or abroad, in the following cases:
5.1. In order to achieve the goals stated in this privacy policy, which are permitted to us by law and our legitimate interests (such as when preventing fraud), the transfer of such information will be subject to the provisions of the law and the obligations of the third party to maintain privacy and security of the information at the level required by the type of information transferred.
5.2. As part of the business's cooperation with subcontractors and suppliers (such as credit card payment processing companies, equipment support and maintenance companies, software suppliers and lawyers).
5.3. Obtaining a judicial order or requiring authorized permission to do so.
5.4. for the purpose of defending against lawsuits.
5.5. for research and statistical purposes.
6. Advertisements and direct mail:
6.1. The personal information may also be used for marketing, advertising and direct mail purposes of the services of the business and/or someone on its behalf or products and services of third parties that are provided when cooperating with the business.
6.2. Subject to your consent, we will be entitled to add you to a mailing list in which you will be sent direct mail and advertisements in connection with the services, by any means of communication, including via email, SMS, WhatsApp messages, automatic dialing system and social networks, ("mailers" and "mailing lists" respectively). You can request to be deleted from the mailing list at any time, by contacting the service center.
6.3. For your attention, it is possible that even after your request to be removed from the mailing list, mailings may be sent to you that the business must and/or may send you according to law, even without your consent.
7. Information review and correction rights: In order to review the information we keep about you, you must submit a written request using the business's email address, and act in accordance with our instructions so that we can verify your identity. If the information we hold about you is inaccurate, you have the right to request its correction or deletion subject to cases where the law allows us or requires us to keep the information as it is.
8. Deletion of information: Deletion of information will be possible in accordance with the law, including in cases where it is not required by us for the purpose of providing the services, protecting our legitimate interests, complying with the legal requirement to keep information, or for the purpose of defending against lawsuits. Despite the aforementioned, we would like to inform you that in accordance with the provisions of the law, the business is obliged to keep some of your information and it is possible that it will be obliged to keep it even if you request its deletion.
9. Information security:
9.1. The business uses information security measures to protect the personal information present in the database and to reduce the risks of unauthorized access to its databases ("information security measures)". At the same time, the information security measures can never confer absolute immunity against hacks and various intrusions into the database. In light of this, it will be clarified that the business does not guarantee that the website will be completely immune from unauthorized access and misuse of the information stored there.
9.2. It should be noted that it is the user's responsibility to take appropriate information security measures, including the use of passwords, anti-viruses and hacker attacks ("taking self-measures"). The business will not be held responsible for the disclosure of any personal information or for any misuse of the personal information resulting from the lack of taking self-measures.
9.3. By using the website, you declare that you will not have any claim, demand or claim against the business and / or anyone on its behalf due to hacks, intrusions, malfunctions and / or disruptions of any kind on the website or in the databases, provided that the aforementioned was not under the control of the business.
9.4. As long as you have a username and password for your use of the website, you undertake that they will be for your personal use only and not to be transferred to any third party. The business will not bear any responsibility for any damage caused by an unapproved third party.
9.5. It is possible that upon your arrival at the hotel you will be asked to provide additional details (or to update existing details). The provisions of this privacy policy and the terms of use will apply to the provision of these details.