1. The use of the website and its services: 

The use of the website (english.emilys-aviv.co.il), including its contents and services (As Follows: The Service), is under the service terms As Follows (Terms of use and\or this agreement), through browsing, use and\or signing up to the website and\or every other activity that will be carried out in it. 

You (The user), is to be obligated about reading and approving the terms of use of the website and agrees that they stand as a binding agreement between you and Aviv Hotels Inc and the companies accociated with it (“The Company” and\or”The Hotel”). if you are not to agree with any of the terms of use, you must cease of usage of the website as a whole. 

Furthermore, The terms of use in the website are subject to change from time to time, according to the company’s sole discretion and without notifying in advance. if and any significant changes are to be made, The Company will inform the website’s subscribers and users via Email or by posting a massage on the website. 

Special deals, awards and publications subordinates, naturally, to the terms of the deal or publications that was relevent. 

2. Licence: 

The company will grant to the website user, under the terms of use, a prohibited licence that is subject to cancelation (and that is, of course, subject to the company’s soul discretion), non-transferrable, non-exclusive, without the right to sublicence to make personal or commercial use of the website and its services, 

3. Restrictions and prohibitions: 

Every Website user must declare he’s 18 years and older and that he will use it only for personal and non-commercial use and that is under the website’s terms of use. also, payment and making reservations to the hotel is allowed on the website only for 18 year olds and above. 

Therefore, the user must agree to not rent, give licence (main or secondary), sell, transfer, assign, mortgage, and\or share with a third party any part of his rights under the terms of use. the website user must avoid transferring, distributing, copying, making available to the public and or broadcasting parts of the website or all of it in its entirety, and\or every part of it. Every website user must must avoid referring to it by “Framing”. 

The website user must abstain from promoting, guidance. doing or helping others to visit the website or any part of it illegaly, and making hurtful, harmful usage of it, including usage of unauthorized methods such as Robots, “Worms”, “Spiders” or any other automatic means. you must avoid translating, changing, reprogramming of the website and whichever of its components (Unless applicable law expressly prohibits the imposition of such a restriction), making any attempt to discover the source code of any of every part of the services provided in the website or any program related to it, and accordingly produce works derived from it. the user must abstain from impersonating other users, including using payment methods of a third party\or illegaly, opening an account on the website not for personal use or for personal use only. you must avoid uploading or sending harmful\hurtful content through the service, such as Viruses, Trojans, Spam, Malware or any other harmful code or file. you must avoid using Meta Data, Meta Tags or other hidden texts, whether it is through links, sponsored search results of any search engine, that make use of certain keywords that are related to the hotel. 

4. Intellectual property: 

All intellectual property rights in the website, including the services, trademarks, texts, files, videoclips, pictures, website design, user flow and every other property content, improvements, or formation that is derived from the website and its content, are the Hotel’s property or its owners, and therefore they have every right to use those materials, including all of the intellectual property rights that are saved by them (“The Owner’s Rights”). Nothing in these terms of use or in anything registered on the service constitutes the granting of a right of transfer or the granting of rights, except for the prohibited license mentioned on section 2. 

5. Reservations: 

Subject to the reservation and cancellation policies mentioned on the Hotel’s website, you can browse the services offered by the hotel and even place reservations through it. All prices appearing on the website are in New Israeli Shekels and include VAT and may be subject to change from time to time at the discretion of the chain and its owners. The price that will apply to the reservation will be the price that will be displayed at the time of booking. The availability of the services offered maty be limited depending on the occupancy of the rooms in the hotels, if there’s an event on one of them and more. as a result, it is possible that at the time of recieving the reservation it will not be possible to, in fact, executing it, and in this case a notification will be received from the website. The company reserves the right to change or remove services and offers from the website, subject to its discretion. 

Photos of the hotel’s rooms. facilities and services are for illustrative purposes only. Therefore, there may be differences between the images displayed on the website and the services actually provided. 

In the event that the reservation is not subject to prepayment the Chain may ask the costumer for credit card details as a cautionary measure in order to complete the reservation. if the reservation is canceled by you not in accordance with the cancellation policy of the Chain, the chain will then be entitled to charge a fee for the cancellation. payment via cash will be executed according to the law to reduce the use of cash, 2018. 

6. Third Party Content: 

Some of the content and materials available on the website (such as a guided tour, attractions in the hotel area, external meal in a restaurant outside of the hotel) may be provided by a third party, such as a tour guide, etc. having said that, every third party service that is provided by it, as pictures, music, information relevant to the activity it offers, is the property of whoever offers and provides it and by no shape or form related to the Hotel. The website is only a platform to share and publish them, and does not check, responsible for them or edits them. having said that, whatever service is offered in the hotel’s website is his owner’s responsibility. in case there’s any question, issue or problem with a service provided by a third party, you are more than welcome to adress them. 

We recommend that whomever of the website’s users that is directed via a link to websites and contents of a third party, to be careful, read the fineprint, and obey the terms of use of other websites, as well as making sure their suitable for your needs and age. 

7. Privacy Policy: 

The company’s privacy policy is available for reading on the website and is a prominent part of this agreement. 

8. Indemnification: 

The website user undertakes to protect and indemnify anyone on its behalf, including and without derogating from its all owners, managers and officers and every party associated with it and its employees against any loss, costs of expanses, claims and compensations (including reasonable expanses such as attorney’s fee, expert rates, and any other reasonable expenses related to litigation), that stem from or somehow related with a breach of those terms by you, I.E fraud or illegal use of payment method. 

9. General: 

  1. In the scenerio of breaching any of the terms of use, the Company has the right to postpone the user’s right to enter the website or use any part of it, without warning. upon cancellation the user must cease usage of the website for whatever purpose. in case of cancellation, the terms for your obligation are as follows: 
  2.  The terms in the terms of use and the privacy policy are the only and complete terms that apply between you and the company in regards to this agreement. 
  3. The laws of the state of Israel will apply upon those terms of use and everything related to them or stems from them. authorized Courts has the lawful right to act accordingly in case of a felony. 
  4. This agreement is by no means s green light to give rights of usage for everyone who isn’t related to the company behind him. 
  5. The Company has full rights to change this agreement, in terms of her discretion. 
  6. for further questions, please contact us via Email.