Changing\Canceling a reservation policy:
Procedures for changing and canceling a reservation made through the website:
Changing a reservation: It is not possible to change a reservation through our website. A guest who has made a reservation and wishes to change it, must make this change via our email address,,
Any change to the reservation is subject to room availability, the hotel's reservation and cancellation policy, and written confirmation from the reservations center.
Cancelation of reservation:
You can cancel a reservation through the website only. When placing the Reservation on the website, a personal "reservation file" will be opened for the guest. Cancellation of the reservation will be done exclusively through the link in the reservation confirmation or through the "My Reservations" category that appears at the bottom of the home page.
When canceling the reservation, the guest will be required to enter his email address in the appropriate place and perform password recovery, and after entering it will be possible to cancel the reservation using the "Cancel" button, provided that the reservation complies with the website's cancellation conditions. The cancellation of the reservation is subject to the cancellation policy defined in the regulations.
For questions, requests and further inquiries, please contact our reservation center at 04-6712272 for the Aviv Vacation Apartments Hotel, and 04-6657500 for the "Emily's" hotel.